gz tower
guangzhou tower


Ticket Price
Tickets to the tower were priced at 50 yuan, 100 yuan and 150 yuan based on different heights. A top-level ticket will offer an access to the 84th floor (433m) by the high-speed elevator that only takes one minute and a half to finish the ascent.

The Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower consists of 37 floor of programme including exhibition spaces, a conference centre, a cinema, several restaurants, cafes and observation decks. A deck at the base of the tower hides the giant building′s functional workings.

Base zone
All infrastructural connections; metro and bus stations, and a pedestrian link to the northern embankment of the river, are met underground. This level supports other facilities as well, including a museum, a food court, extensive commercial space, a 600-vehicle parking area for cars and tourist coaches. The entrance operates on two levels, one a continuation of the landscape above ground, the other connected to the mass-transit and underground-parking facilities. Slow-speed panoramic and enclosed high-speed double-decker lifts serve both entrance levels.

Middle zone
The intermediate zone form +80m up to +170m consist of facilities like a 4D cinema, a play-hall area, restaurants, coffee shops and outdoor gardens with teahouses.

Top zone
The top zone of the building begins above the stairway, housing various technical functions as well as a two-storey rotating restaurant, a damper and the upper observation levels. From the upper observation levels it is possible to ascend even higher, via a further set of the stairs, to a terraced observation square rising above the tower′s top ring, high above the booming city of Guangzhou.