gz tower
canton tv tower

Building Process

Ground breaking
On 23 November 2005 the ground breaking ceremony took place and after a year of digging the foundation pit in December 2006 one started to construct the steel structure.

Steel Structure
The nodes and tubes of the steel web, that give the tower is characterizing profile, are fully prefabricated and delivered by truck to the site from the Prefabrication factory in Shanghai. The elements are first connected by bolts, and only after the tubes all around have been welded together, the bolt connections are being burned off.
Only After the first six rings and all the matching columns and tubes are constructed, the columns are lined out and filled with concrete for stability and fire-proofing.

While building, the contractor initially worked with 5 cranes. But from+100m onwards the three cranes positioned outside of the lattice-structure were taken down, and they continued with only two cranes till the structure and core were completed.

Topping off
The core was topped off august 2008. The last steel ring-element was placed into position on 23 November 2008. The main structure was then completed up to the top deck at +460m.

The antenna extends another 150 meter, bringing the tower to a height of 600 meter. The antenna is fabricated in 2 parts. The thinner upper 80m of the mast is being construcrted inside the wider and lower part of the mast. In may 2009 the upper part was jacked into position, and the mast was completed.

Completion date
The whole tower is due to be completed at the end of 2010. The openings ceremony is planned to take place in October 2010, after which the tower will be operational , for the 2010 Asian Games that will take place in November.