gz tower


The Guangzhou TV tower is a simple gracious symbol, that represents and rejuvenates the centuries-old industrial center of Canton (10 Million Inhabitants) in it′s ambition to become known as a progressive and environmentally sensitive modern Metropolis that invests in Cultural expressions and environmental improvements.

The architects, Information Based Architecture from Amsterdam, say that their aim was, to create a tower that feels friendly to people: A tower that would not feel massive or dominating, but instead would invite people in. They also wanted to make the tower to be rich in physical experiences. There is for instance a skywalk, an outdoor spiraling staircase, that takes visitors up through the ′waist′ of the building. And on the very top of the building, there is also a large open air sloping panoramic deck (54m x 42m) where one can sit down and enjoy the view while feeling the wind through one′s hair.