gz tower


The concept of the tower consists of a simple idea of a twisted tower. The result a highly complex and challenging design.

The design of the tower is by Information Based Architecture (IBA) , a Dutch architecture firm based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The design was selected in 2004, during an invited international competition involving the worldwide top of the architectural practices. The competitor′s list consisted among others; Richard Rogers, Coop Himmelblau, KPF and Cannon Design.

The competition not only required the design of the TV tower but also asked for the design of a 17.9ha park at its base and the master-plan for the surrounding 56.6ha which includes an elevated Plaza, pagoda-park, retail facilities, offices, television centre and hotel.

IBA′s scheme showed equal attention to the tower′s design as well as the tower′s integration in the site and city around it and was therefore selected as one of the three submissions that competed further in a second phase of the competition.

After a second phase submission and various months of negotiations eventually IBA′s design was decided to be the winner.

The Government of Guangzhou (Canton) announced it to be the most beautiful and gracious tower as well as the most technologically advanced design, and therefore best representing the city′s ambitions for the Canton region to become China′s most progressive modern industrial region.