gz tower

Canton TV tower - Entertainment

The TV tower will bear all kind of facilities to entertain the public. So will there be a 4D cinema, a skywalk and various exhibition spaces.
There are all glass cantilevering observation boxes protruding from the 82nd and 83rd floors, there is a virtual environment with computer games to challenge the youth and several revolving and other type restaurants for the whole family to enjoy. But the top of the tower bears the most spectacular entertainment. Here, while standing on the sloping square, while enjoying the panoramic view over the city one can enjoy a ride in the Worl'ds highest Ferris Wheel or have oneself shot up into the air for another 50 meter.
Name: Canton Tower - 广州塔 (Guangzhou Ta)

Location; Yuejiang Road West / Yiyuan Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China

Opening Hours:
9am - 10pm daily

Ticket prices:
50 RMB - lower levels up to floor 32
100 RMB - medium levels up to floor 67
150 RMB - upper levels up to floor 84

tickets for sale on location